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Purchase processing - support, help with construction financing

Purchase Processing: Support and Assistance During the Entire Construction Financing Process

How does the real estate purchase work? What property documents do I need - and where do I get them? And how do I carry out a property valuation?

With PMG you have a reliable and experienced partner at your side who supports you in the complete purchase process.


  • We help you to compile all the property documents.
  • We will gladly take over the objective real estate valuation - from the bank's point of view!
  • We are your direct contact for all questions concerning your financial plan.
  • We guide you step by step through the real estate purchase in a clear and understandable way.

Our team includes an in-house civil engineer who will be happy to do the property valuation for you. Due to our background and experience in the banking industry, we prepare the valuation from the bank's point of view, which is crucial for further financing.

What do you need and when? We are there for you and are also happy to contact the broker or seller of your desired property directly to request missing documents. In addition, we are at your side with advice and assistance and prepare the buyer documents with you.

The result: fast, simple processing and over 3,000 satisfied customers.

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