Financing Request
even without Equity
[Translate to English:] Wie funktioniert eine Baufinanzierung

How does construction financing work?

That's one of the most common questions we hear when we talk to customers. And you know what we hear most often after the conversation: "Finally, I REALLY get this financing thing!"

At a personal appointment, we talk about your questions and go into detail about the optimal construction financing with and without equity for you; clear, open, simple and understandable. First, we fill out the Confidential Self-Assessment (VSA) with you for the credit check. After that, you will know how far you can finance, how high a monthly installment could be and what interest rate you can expect depending on the fixed interest rate. You will learn which financing models are available and which are best for you. If you haven't found a property yet, you can continue to search the real estate market with the following criteria: "How much can I finance?"; "How much can I afford?" and then simply e-mail us the exposés that come into question. We will immediately evaluate the properties from the bank's point of view and check whether they are financially suitable for you. If so, we will immediately send you a financing confirmation based on your creditworthiness and the property.

It is particularly important to us that after financing your property, your life continues just as before: i.e. without restrictions, such as foregoing a vacation.