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Baufinanzierung, Immobilienfinanzierung ohne Eigenkapital

Construction financing without equity - Calculate now online, live!

Full Financing: Construction Financing without Equity Capital

House Financing or Apartment Financing - Construction Financing without Equity Capital

Are you interested in real estate financing or a real estate loan or house purchase without equity? Whether you are planning a housing financing without equity or a house financing or construction financing without equity, with us you have found an experienced financing partner.


Especially if you want to buy a house or an apartment without equity, it is important that we look at and evaluate your entire situation realistically. You will receive open and objective feedback from us about what is feasible. We also take care of existentially important factors such as security and reserves. Just as important: We evaluate your object of purchase objectively and expertly with regard to price and condition. Is it worth the purchase price? Will the bank agree? In addition, we support you in collecting all personal documents and completing the necessary formalities.

You will find out: We are a long-standing, reliable partner at eye level for you - before, during and after the financing are there for you. We advise you clearly open and - very important - understandable! Something that our customers particularly appreciate about us.


We help you make your dream of owning your own property come true. This also includes real construction financing without equity.


Construction financing without equity: What kind of property can you afford?

Many of our customers are unsure what kind of house or apartment they can afford. We show you what you can afford - there are concept solutions even without equity. You will find out which is the best bank partner with the optimal conditions for you, even with full financing including ancillary purchase costs. In addition, we evaluate your situation, the property and your region.


Construction Financing without Equity: 100% - 130% Loan-to-Value Ratios Are Possible to Finance

Loan-to-value ratio means: What percentage of the purchase price must be financed. A house purchase without equity or construction financing without equity means that the entire sum is to be financed. The so-called full financing includes not only the actual purchase price, that is, the value that the bank considers appropriate for the property and financed. In addition, there are the ancillary purchase costs and possibly also renovations and modernization measures to be planned. Here we quickly reach a loan-to-value ratio of often over 120%.


What are incidental purchase costs?

You want to buy a house without equity? Or finance an apartment without equity?

Incidental purchase costs are:


  • Real estate transfer tax in the amount of 5% of the purchase price (in Baden-Württemberg)
  • notary fees and land registry fees in the amount of 2% of the purchase price
  • brokerage fees if required

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