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Follow-up Financing: Secure Top Interest Rates for Tomorrow with Forward Loans Today

In Germany, construction financing is offered with a fixed borrowing rate. Within the period for which this fixed borrowing rate is set, the loan for the property is usually not paid off in full. This means that virtually all customers with construction financing need follow-up financing for the remainder of the loan, sometimes even two.


Follow-up Financing, Rollover and Debt Restructuring

There are different options for this: Follow-up financing means that an existing loan is replaced by a new loan. A rollover is the follow-up financing with the previous bank, while a rescheduling involves a change of banking institution for the follow-up financing. The decisive factor for us is always: Where can we negotiate the best conditions for you? And what additional options do you have, such as forward loans? Differences in conditions of up to 0.5% between different banks can mean savings of several thousand euros. So the offer from your bank is not automatically the most favorable.


Saving Construction Interest - Even in the Future

Interest rates for construction loans are currently very low. That's why now is the perfect time to secure the best conditions for tomorrow. Together with you, we will take care of the follow-up financing for your current real estate financing now. With a so-called forward loan, we can secure you today's favorable interest rates for the time when your fixed interest rate expires.


How does a forward loan work?

With a forward loan for your follow-up financing, you take out a loan now with a fixed interest rate. The loan will not be paid out until a fixed date in the future and will then replace your existing loan. The big advantage for you: You already know exactly how high your future installment will be and you don't have to worry about rising interest rates. Everything is already secured and settled.


Retirement Provision Included: Save and Provide for Building Interest

Due to the current historically low interest rate level, you secure a large interest rate saving - and with a forward loan, you also secure this saving for the future. What can you best do with the interest savings? You can agree a higher repayment for the follow-up financing and at the same time invest in your retirement provision, for example with a pension insurance, funds or savings plans.

Our Tip:

Get offers for your follow-up financing at least six months before your fixed borrowing rate expires. That way, you won't be pressed for time and can make your decision in peace.


Follow-up Financing - What Now?

Just ask us - we are here for you all around your financial planning. With a lot of experience, licensed and with excellent ratings. We would be happy to look with you at what options you have and what is the best follow-up financing for you.

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