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even without Equity
[Translate to English:] Partner, Anbieter für Baufinanzierung

Why contract construction financing with us as your partner?

Our services are non-binding and free of charge for you at any time. . Nevertheless, you get a lot of advantages by working with us.
For example, we bring a great deal of experience from every area of construction financing. In addition, you get a truly independent advice and recommendation.

If you wish, we can provide you with all services from a single source: real estate financing, financial investments, brokerage, insurance and real estate appraisal for new and old buildings.

In doing so, we offer them everything that your bank can offer you, including all the necessary licenses - only with a much larger selection of possible financing partners. This allows us to select the optimal partner with the best conditions for your situation.

We are your partner, from the initial consultation to the conclusion of the financing and beyond. Our services and offers for you especially after the conclusion of the construction financing.

  • Checking the follow-up financing
  • activities as a real estate agent
  • optimization of your budgetary accounting
  • Review of your insurance policies and, if necessary, new offers. Here, too, we rely on a wide selection to find the right partner for you. We are partners with over 80 insurance companies in the areas of health insurance, life insurance and property insurance. Here, too, we are not bound to any company or product and can therefore advise you objectively to find the optimal insurance for you.
  • We have many years of experience in the field of money and capital investments and can provide you with sound advice and, above all, advice that is easy to understand at all times.