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Property valuation within the framework of a construction loan

Real Estate Valuation in the Context of Construction Financing

For successful construction financing, it is important to value the property correctly. This is the only way you can be sure that the purchase price for your dream property is justified.

Important for you: Unlike with a real estate agent, you will actually receive a special real estate appraisal from us as part of the overall financing of your dream property!


The Objective Valuation of Existing Real Estate

Whether it's a house or an apartment, we value your property reliably and from the bank's point of view. We can do this because we have our own in-house civil engineer as well as a great deal of experience and sound expertise from the banking sector. In addition, we know the regional market situation and the respective price development of the real estate market. This enables us to assess:


  • Whether the purchase price is justified,
  • whether the purchase price corresponds to the market price and
  • whether the bank valuation will be the same.

This assessment from the bank's point of view is particularly important, because the amount of possible construction financing/real estate financing depends on it.

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How does the real estate valuation work?

During an initial meeting, we prepare the confidential self-disclosure with you. Here we check your creditworthiness and the scope available to you for your financing. If everything fits, you can start looking for your dream property. Once you have found a house or apartment, send us the exposé. We now evaluate from the bank's point of view whether the purchase price fits.
If this is the case, you will receive a pre-financing confirmation from us. Now you can visit the house or apartment and decide whether you want to buy it. The pre-financing is an advantage for you compared to other interested parties, because the broker or seller already sees here that you can finance such a sum.


Construction Financing: Market Value and Bank Valuation

We evaluate your property from the bank's point of view. The main focus is on whether the bank would consider the purchase price to be reasonable and would finance the purchase price. If we come to the conclusion that the purchase price is higher than the bank's valuation, we also check the market value of the property. Depending on the location and current situation, it may be that the property price is still justified. In this case, we will clarify with you whether you can finance the difference to the bank valuation from your own capital or whether the sum should be additionally included in the financing as additional costs.


Mortgage Lending Value and Lending Limit

This increases the mortgage lending value accordingly, which affects the interest on the loan. If you exceed the lending limit, we will work with you to find suitable solutions. An important principle for us: We advise you openly and honestly. For us, this also includes telling you if a property is not worth it or not worth the price. This is how we find the optimal construction financing and the right property for you and your future.


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