Financing Request
even without Equity
[Translate to English:] Immobilienbewertung bei Baufinanzierung

Is the purchase price for your dream property justified?

For construction financing, it is important to objectively evaluate the price of a property in advance. Through our extensive expertise and many years of experience, we evaluate the house or apartment you want to buy from the bank's point of view. It is this viewpoint that is crucial, because the amount of financing depends precisely on it.

How does this real estate appraisal work?

  • You send us the exposé of the property for which you wish to obtain real estate financing or which you wish to inspect.
  • We check the purchase price from the bank's point of view and get back to you with the result:

    A) If the property is worth the purchase price, you get the green light, so to speak. It is worthwhile to visit the property. For the inspection, we will simultaneously provide you with the corresponding financing confirmation.

    B) If the property is overpriced, we advise against it, because the house or apartment is not worth the high purchase price. In this case, it makes sense to continue searching for your dream property. 

In the valuation, we take into account not only the bank's point of view, but also the current market value of your desired property. This may actually be higher than the bank valuation. We will also inform you of this: The bank will then not finance the full price, but the regional location and current situation still justify the price in this case.