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Construction Financing: The Best Bank and the Best Conditions for You!

Construction financing made easy: Here you will find the answers to your questions about real estate financing, construction loans and construction financing with and without equity. Are you looking for a customized solution? That's exactly what we offer you.

Because construction financing can also be simple: Our many customers appreciate the fact that they receive open and objective feedback from us. Construction financing is clear and understandable with us. In addition, we make decisions quickly and thus also receive fast financing confirmations from the bank partners. These are all reasons why so many customers recommend us to others, which makes us very happy.


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… that our service is always without obligation and free of charge? You take no risk and have numerous advantages!


Why an independent construction financing consultant?


Real estate loan: What can you afford? Our construction loan calculator gives you an overview!

Where can I get the best conditions for my construction financing?

That's what many customers ask us, and most assume it's the house bank. Every customer, every credit rating and every type of property is better or worse suited to this or that banking partner.

We therefore work intensively and successfully, for example, with savings banks, Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken, with Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Postbank, DSL and ING in close cooperation. This is the reason why the house bank is not automatically the best bank for the current financing project.

It is therefore worthwhile to compare your financing project. Because basically it is quite simple: There is a suitable bank for every customer. And usually these are very different banks, because every customer is different.

Construction financing is as individual as you are!


Which is the right bank for you and your property?

That depends on several factors. For example, your creditworthiness and the loan-to-value ratio or the mortgage lending value of the property.

The bank's interest rate model is also decisive - the longer the fixed interest rate, the higher the interest rate, for example.

We clarify all these details in a personal meeting and during a credit check. Then, during our independent bank evaluation, we find the best bank for exactly your needs, requirements and possibilities. And that's the bank where you'll get the best conditions.


Why can we really help you with your real estate financing?

In short: Because we find the optimal construction financing for you and your situation.

Of course, you can go to your local bank and ask for the conditions of a home loan or real estate loan or real estate financing. Then you will get a result. Whether it is the best for you? Whether you can finance a property in this way at all? You will only know afterwards.

We are independent construction financing consultants, which means that we are not tied to any banking institution. Therefore, we can recommend exactly the bank that offers the best conditions for you. We have access to a large number of banks, savings banks and financial institutions - more than 450 banking partners in total - for the construction financing inquiry. Our data is always up to date, which means the comparison is always up to date, it is fast and cheap. We query the conditions for your construction financing very specifically, depending on your personal credit check, which you have done with us in advance. We compare the offers quickly, favorably and adapted to your situation, your region and your desired property. These three factors are decisive for the success of the construction financing comparison.

Our numerous satisfied customers can confirm it: We are long-term partners, independent consultants and financial service providers with a lot of experience and expertise. You get exactly one thing from us: a tailor-made solution for your situation.


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