Financing Request
even without Equity
[Translate to English:] unabhängige Baufinanzierung Beratung

Why an independent construction financing advisor?

Sie haben viele Vorteile, wenn Sie mit einem unabhängigen Bankberater wie uns zusammenarbeiten:

  • Completely free of charge and additionally brings even more:
    Our service is always without obligation and free of charge for you! We not only advise you during the financing, but are also there for you at any time before and after.
  • Access to 450 banking partners:
    Nationwide, we can compare the conditions of 450 banking institutions and select the optimal financing partner for your situation. We have also built up a very large network of banks in our regions.
  • Construction financing experience:
    We find the right banking partner for you, because not every customer fits every bank. In some cases, we can draw on more than 30 years of banking experience.
  • Best relationships:
    Direct and personal is usually the easiest and fastest way. That's why we know direct contacts and decision-makers at the most important banks in the region. We can contact them at any time if necessary.
  • Better conditions, faster responses:
    When we inquire with the bank, we can usually negotiate better conditions for our customers than the customer himself. In addition, the bank communicates its decision to us more quickly.
  • Financing confirmation in advance:
    After you have done a credit check with us, we can issue you a financing confirmation for every property within the scope of creditworthiness. This gives you a clear advantage over other interested parties when viewing a property.
  • Financing without equity:
    We have many possibilities to find a "real" financing without equity for you and that with TOP conditions.
  • Everything is much easier and faster:
    We relieve our customers, support you with formalities and help you to compile all important documents. We take care of the communication with the broker or the seller, prepare all documents and, if necessary, organize the property documents ourselves. In addition, we will provide you with a checklist for all the documents you need for the credit check. We know where you can get which documents and will be happy to assist you in word and deed.